Cultural Resource Documentation Services

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Preservation begins with Documentation

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HABS/HAER documentation
Documentation exceeding the standards and guidelines of the
Historic American Buildings Survey / Historic American Engineering Record / Historic American Landscape Survey,
National Park Service

Historical site documentation, including Section 106 and other environmental compliance projects

Documentary research, field work, and measured drawings
for historical records, archives, museum records, illustrations & interpretive exhibits;
conservation, restoration, insurance, maintenance and planning

As-built engineering and architectural drawings
In-house 2D/3D CAD (Microstation™ and AutoCAD™) and large-format scanning facilities
superior quality hand-inked drawings

Scanning, editing, vectorization, digital restoration
of architectural and engineering drawings

Consultation and instruction in documentation techniques

For historic architecture; industrial archeology, industrial structures, systems, machinery and processes;
railroad structures, locomotives & rolling stock; bridges & mines; ships & boats;
museum artifacts & transportation vehicles; cultural landscape mapping
...and numerous other cultural resources!

More than 27 years' experience

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